Quizzio is an educational game for children 7 and up that grows with your child. Quizzio learns your child’s individual knowledge level to deliver quizzes customized to their skill and interests. It then gradually increases difficulty and introduces new subjects as your child safely explores the Quizzio world.

Preview of Quizzio

Story of Quizzio

Who’s behind Quizzio / Who are we?We’re parents, just like you, constantly amazed by our children’s curiosity and eagerness to learn. And just like you, we know this simple truth: Children learn best when they’re having fun.

Why did we build Quizzio?We love watching our children run and jump and be children. We read with them, play games with them and sing to them. Like most parents.

And whether sitting in a waiting room, stuck in traffic, or just having ‘one of those days’, we also sometimes let them play with our iPads.

Determined to make the most of their “tech time”, we looked for apps that would enrich their lives in some way. What we found were games either too young, too advanced or just plain boring. When we did find something fun and engaging, it often lacked an educational component. It was just fluff. Sometimes we found math-focused games. Math is great, but just one subject can be limiting.

So we took matters into our own hands. We set out to build a game as educational as it is engaging. Something that could understand just how unique each child is, could cater to their skill level, and provide a variety of subjects to appeal to all interests - and maybe even introduce our children to new ones!

We wanted something safe, that they could play without us constantly looking over their shoulder. But also that let us look over their shoulder, just a little, to see how much they were learning and discovering.

So we built Quizzio. A game we’re proud to give to our own children, and one we hope you’ll enjoy with your children as well.

Safety & Quizzio

It is our utmost goal that Quizzio be fun, educational and safe.

We are parents of young children ourselves and we know how important safety is when allowing our children to explore technology.

Children & Quizzio safetyAll content is kid friendly. Quizzes are created by a variety of experts in education and various subject matter. Those quizzes go through automated screening to look for red flags. It is then carefully reviewed by actual human beings on the Quizzio team. All this happens before any new content in introduced to the Quizzio world.

Parents & Quizzio safetyWhile children cannot post to social media from within Quizzio, parents can.

Your parent dashboard - accessible only with your unique url - gives you the option to share your child’s success with friends and family by email or on social media.

You can share specific achievements (badge received, level conquered, etc), or your child’s full progress report via a unique URL.

This unique URL is nearly impossible for anyone to guess and will only be known by you and anyone you choose to share it with. It will show your child’s first name and Quizzio progress. No other identifying information is shared - no last name, no location, no photos (in fact, you can’t even put photos on Quizzio). Learn more about the unique URL.

Quizzio takes great care in maintaining a safe and fun environment for children of all ages.